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The Moonshae Isles are a group of islands that formed a roughly circular archipelago with the Sea of Moonshae in the center. They lay roughly 400 miles (644 km) west of the region of Amn and to the southwest of the Sword Coast. As of 1371 DR, the majority of the Moonshae Isles are ruled by High Queen Alicia Kendrick, who ruled from the capital city of Caer Callidyrr on Alaron.

After the Spellplague, House Kendrick lost much of their control over the isles. In 1479 DR, much of the isle of Alaron was ruled by House Kendrick, although the King's forces did not control the entire island. The Isle of Snowdown was controlled by the vampire Lady Erliza Daressin, who was loyal to Amn. The Isle of Gwynneth was controlled by the Kingdom of Sarifal, which was ruled by High Lady Ordalf. A tribe of fomorians crossed from the Feywild into Faerûn after the Spellplague and took control of the island of Oman. The isle of Moray was under the control of Malarite lycanthropes.

Northmen-Ffolk conflict

The Northmen were a violent, war-like society with little interest for or tolerance of the Ffolk's monarchical ways. Historically, this created a continuous tension between the two human peoples, with Northmen raids on Ffolk farmsteads a common occurrence. A large majority of the Ffolk worshiped a druidic goddess the Earthmother, an aspect of the benign goddess of agriculture, Chauntea. The Northmen worshiped warlike deities like Tempus (god of war).

The conflict escalated into what has been termed the Darkwalker Wars, which lasted a number of years. In the start of the conflict, the Northmen and the Ffolk fought a series of battles mainly around Caer Corwell (Gwynneth). The true force behind the invasion of the Northmen was the creature known as Kazgaroth The Beast, a minion of Bhaal (god of murder). Through Bhaal's powers, Kazgaroth had taken the shape of the Northmen chieftain Grunnarch the Red (Iron Keep, Oman's Isle). Through him, Kazgaroth initiated the invasion of Gwynneth and Caer Corwell.

En route to Caer Corwell, Kazgaroth (in Grunnarch's shape) challenged and killed the Leviathan, which was one of the children of the goddess Earthmother. Around the town and fortress of Caer Corwell, the Northmen were halted by the combined forces of Prince Tristan Kendrick and his companions.

However, in recent years[as of when?], the conflict between the Northlanders and the Ffolk waned due to the hard work of the High King Tristan Kendrick and later through his daughter, High Queen Alicia Kendrick. Through their queen's work for peaceful solutions to arguments between the Northlanders and the Ffolk, the Moonshaes enjoyed several decades of relative peace.

Eladrin domination of Gwynneth

In the Year of Risen Elfkin (1375 DR), the Fey city of Karador rose from the waters of the Myrloch on the Island of Gwynneth. The leShay High Lady Ordalf proclaimed herself queen of the Island, giving it the name of Sarifal. The human kingdom of Corwell, and its capital Caer Corwell fell into ruins